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The Communications sector has been one of the key focus areas for LXR Infotech since its inception. LXR brings significant experience and expertise in designing and developing solutions in this domain.

LXR communications sector practice is dedicated to providing industry leading solutions to telecommunication wireless, wireline, cable, media, entertainment, digital marketing, broadcasting, hosting, and satellite and gaming companies. LXR has exceptional understanding of the communication industry challenges and issues. Having successfully led several innovative changes in the communications sector, LXR’s solutions and services help companies achieve their business goals and reach business excellence irrespective of the economic and competitive environment. LXR provides these solutions and services using proprietary business frameworks and technology frameworks. These business and technology frameworks shorten development time and reduce cost. Our solutions improve performance, transform operations, innovate new ideas and help customers stay ahead of the competition.

Our Services Include:

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  • ​Network Functions Virtualization

    Network Functions Virtualization aims to transform the way that network operators architect networks by evolving standard IT virtualization technology to consolidate many network equipment types onto industry standard high volume servers, switches and storage. Implementation of network functions in software that can run on a range of industry standard server hardware, and that can be moved to, or instantiated in, various locations in the network as required. Network Functions Virtualization is applicable to any data plane packet processing and control plane function in fixed and mobile network infrastructures.

  • Network Analytics

    LXR team has very strong expertise in all the steps leading to building a strong network analytics platform. Our expertise in the communications sector, and network data in particular has propelled us to further expand this offering to our wireless partners. Our experience in designing, developing and operationalizing network analytics and produce user friendly dashboards to provide key metrics is unparalleled. iLink is working with various industry customers & partners as System Integrator in designing & developing user friendly value-added dashboards to help leverage & optimize existing opportunities, and show roadmap to future revenue prospects.

  • Software Defined Networking

    Today’s networking software sitting on network gears (Routers/Firewalls/Switches) can be separate into four layers or planes (Forwarding, Control. Services, and Management). These layers must be separated in order to build the next generation, highly scalable network. Form LXR’s perspective, it is the management plane where ilInk is most focused and provide expertise. Management planes must run on high volume servers. Network devices need to be configured, or managed. The Management plane provides the basic instructions of how the network device should interact with the rest of the network. Manual configuration often leads misconfiguration or missteps leading to outages and also, requires a small number of network specialists. Management planes can run on one or more general purpose computers.

  • Facility Build Process Automation

    LXR has extensive experience and expertise in delivering facility build process automation solution in telecom OSS stack. This offering has a proven track record of continuously improving operational efficiencies for the telecommunication service providers. Form based offering which aid in data collection, workflow implementation and business process automation involved during a new facility build selection and facility build out. This is used primarily in offline mode to collect data about potential facility build locations. This offering also includes integration with other OSS Systems like Inventory systems, Planning systems, Project Management Systems and Alarming System.

  • Operations Tracking for OSS

    LXR operations tracking offering provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing’s network operations through streamlined ticketing, scheduling and dispatching. This offering includes End-to-End solution to manage telecommunication wire line and wireless operations, cable and media operations, service providers and other communication sector operations. This offering is compliant with the TM forum Frameworx practices and standards

  • Fault Management

    Fault management in a telecommunications network involves detecting, isolating and correcting faults in the network. iLink’s fault management solution is cost effective system that helps maintain infrastructure availability at higher percentage. This offering can easily be extended to monitor cable, media network and other companies in the communication sector realm. LXR’s Fault Management solution comprises of Ticket Management and Incident Management. Ticket management in a telecommunication network is related to identifying, detecting and correcting any network issues.

  • Network Infrastructure Construction & Planning

    LXR Infotech offers configuration, building interfaces with other enterprise systems, custom automation and custom interfaces. It follows industry standard service oriented architecture with generic interface adapters, API and API wrappers. This offering features enterprise message bus which includes routing, queuing, storage, reprocessing, adapters and logging.

  • Customer Communication Management

    Manage sales and customer communications offering campaign is paramount for effective customer communication. LXR offers customer communication management in the digital marketing realm. This offering designed for effective telecommunication and media offering campaign.