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    Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that let IT professionals build, deploy and manage applications through Microsoft’s worldwide network of data centers.

Microsoft’s ability to reach $6 billion in Q1 cloud revenue and $20.8 billion for the trailing 12 months has given a stunning 58% growth leaving behind the next competitor- AWS by a good 11% margin (as published by Forbes Tech). While the world is waging cloud war, Azure is undoubtedly the best cloud platform with a single, easy-to-use architecture, ideally suited for all your digital transformation needs. Azure gives you the power of richly integrated IAAS, PAAS and SAAS which perhaps no other platform has to offer.

As the cloud revolution continues, Netwoven offers this cutting-edge technology with a holistic approach to help your digital transformation. Building on deep expertise and with gamut of Azure Services, Netwoven can help embrace the speed of change and instantly deliver services to our customers.

Infrastructure Assessment & Planning Services

Industry trends are creating new challenges that have started to affect the IT landscape in general, and the datacenter in particular.

The four key IT questions that a customer demands are making the IT infrastructure team work overtime.

How do I deliver next-generation applications?

How do I enable modern work styles?

How do I increase the efficiency in my datacentre? And the last but not the least…

assesement-planning.png Infrastructure Assessment & Planning Services

The urge for cloud is generating the urgency for this digital transformation because the application, infrastructure and server requirements are changing at a phenomenal rate.
“CIOs no longer ask whether they should use the cloud but rather how they should use it.” – Forrester
Our Microsoft Cloud Certified professional helps organization adopt resilient, secure and scalable Azure Infrastructure Services using Microsoft’s IAAS and PAAS features. We offer the following services to create your cloud footprints, migrate workloads while maximizing performance, increase reliability and achieve higher ROI.
Cloud Assessment & Readiness Services
Datacenter Transformation
Governance & Automation
Manage Azure Support Services
As the cloud revolution continues, the IT needs to work on achieving a better control of their infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud. Our Azure Infrastructure and Management practices help your organization to maximize operational uptime without compromising performance and reliability. Our past experience and dedicated team of cloud certified architects are the foundation for helping your organization navigate the shifting landscape of technology.
Reduce operational costs: Self-service provisioning, extensive automation and standardization
Reduce time to deploy new services: Provision individual servers or whole application environments from templates
Improve efficiency and reliability: Standardized, pooled, high-availability server configurations
Reduce compliance risks: Segregate admin duties, enforce security and audit policies
Hybrid Infrastructure Security and Management
Azure Networking and Storage
Backup, Archive & Disaster Recovery
Azure Hybrid Deployment & Migrations
Hybrid Infrastructure Security and Management
Azure Networking and Storage
Backup, Archive & Disaster Recovery
Azure Hybrid Deployment & Migrations
One of the most costly and critical component of an application life cycle is the backend database and the challenge we face is striking the right balance between performance, reliability and scalability.